Cocoa ... its origins

Cocoa tree (the scientific name: Theobroma cacao) Native American South America. Its seeds are used in the manufacture of cocoa and chocolate.

Chocolates are made on the evergreen continental tree known as the "cocoa tree", from which seeds are harvested, representing the different sources of all cocoa products, including chocolate. The tree has been growing in wild areas of the tropical regions of South America since 4000 BC. The cocoa tree has broad leaves and grows up to a height of 7.5 m. Cocoa seeds are very similar to almonds.

The cocoa tree was discovered in the Maya and Aztec ages in North and Central America 2000 years ago.

These peoples used to age and grind cocoa seeds to produce cocoa liquor. The cocoa drink was without sugar, but these people used to add spices that may be a bit spicy to add flavor to the cocoa drink (hence the beginning of Mexican cocoa).

It is worth mentioning that the historical drawings in the Mayan civilization show that the people attached to the tree of cocoa which is one of the signs that they first discovered this tree. Chocolate, or what was previously known as Cocoa, has played a prominent role in the life of the Maya, as the people buried their dead and put in their graves the essence of cocoa pots, believing that this drink would bring joy to them in the other world. 

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