Cocoa Health benefits

Cocoa benefits to prevent diabetes

A recent study conducted in June 2013 by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States on mice reported a 30% lower risk of diabetes. The researchers point to the role of flavonoids in preventing diabetes by reducing the level of triglyceride and fat in the liver, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Dr. Joshua Lambert, a professor of food science at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, said they had observed low body weight as well, but it was nonetheless significant, although small. The scientists added to the diet of mice the equivalent of 10 tablespoons or 5 cups of cocoa throughout the study period, which amounted to 12 weeks.

Cocoa benefits of blood pressure

A study in 2012 confirmed that cocoa and dark chocolate reduce blood pressure in people with no more than 85/140. The researchers attributed the study to flavonoids found in cocoa. 

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